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Pick Up Timelines And Periods

(Click Here For Specific Pick Up Info On Manufactured Merchandise Orders. Refer To The Info Below For All Live Plant Orders.) 

Estimated General Pick Up Timelines By Order Dates:

Orders Placed Between Are Estimated to Pick Up In The
Nov 1st - May 31st Spring/Summer Pick Up Season (Apr 15th - July 15th) Unless Following Pick Up Season Requested.
July 1st - Oct 31st Late Summer/Fall Pick Up Season (Sept 25th - Nov 15th) Unless Following Pick Up Season Requested.

Estimated Spring/Summer '24 Estimated Pick Up Periods By Product:

IMPORTANT: For any 1 order placed with us, standardly we will send the official ready for pick up notification via email as soon as ALL of the plants in the specific order are ready to be picked up as laid out in the pick up periods. See additional info on standard processing of pick ups below.

Estimated Spring/Summer Pick Up Periods By Product #1 (April 15th To May 15th)

Acer' QuickScape Minis Flame Amur Maple Tree
Acer' Red Leaf Japanese Maple
Achillea' New Vintage™ Violet Yarrow
Achillea' Sassy Summer Sangria Yarrow
Actinida' Jenny Kiwi Vine
Actinidia' Issai Hardy Kiwi Vine
Alchemilla' Lady's Mantle
Anemone' Curtain Call Pink (Japanese)
Armoracia Rusticana' Horseradish Plant
Aronia' Autumn Magic Black Chokeberry
Asparagus' Jersey Knight
Asparagus' Mary Washington
Asparagus' Purple Passion
Astilbe' Mighty Chocolate Cherry
Berberis' Rose Glow Japanese Barberry
Berberis' Sunsation Barberry
Calamagrostis' Karl Foerster's Feather Reed Grass
Campanula' Dickson's Gold Bellflower

Carex' Eversheen Grass
Centaurea' Amethyst in Snow Cornflower
Centaurea' Black Sprite Cornflower
Cercis' Flame Thrower® Specialty Redbud Tree
Cercis' Northern Herald® Cold Hardy Redbud Tree
'Chamaecyparis' Night Light Hinoki Cypress (False Cypress)
Clematis' Blue Boy
Clematis' Duchess Of Edinburgh
Clematis' Golden Harvest
Clematis' Hybrid Taiga
Clematis' Vancouver™ Morning Mist
Clematis' Vancouver™ Starry Night
Clethra' Ruby Spice Summersweet
Coreopsis' Red Chiffon Tickseed
Cornus' QuickScape Minis Flowering Dogwood Tree
Cornus' QuickScape Minis Kousa Flowering Dogwood Tree
Corydalis' Blue Heron
Cotinus' QuickScape Minis Royal Purple Smoketree
Cotinus' Royal Purple Smokebush
Cotinus' Velveteeny™ Dwarf Smokebush
Delphinium' Pacific Giant Percival
Dicentra' Pink Bleeding Heart
Dicentra' White Bleeding Heart
Echinacea' Baby Swan White Coneflower
Echinacea' Magnus Superior Coneflower
Echinacea' Tweety Coneflower
Euonymus' Dwarf Winged Burning
Euonymus' Fire Ball® Burning Bush
Fagus' QuickScape Minis European Beech Tree
Festuca' Elijah Blue Fesuce Grass
Ficus' Chicago Hardy Fig Tree
Ficus' Desert King Cold Hardy Dwarf Fig Tree
Ficus' Little Ruby Dwarf Patio Fig Tree
Fragaria' Fort Laramie Strawberry
Fragaria' Framberry (Strasberry)
Fragaria' Ft. Laramie Strawberry
Fragaria' Honeoye Strawberry

Fragaria' Ozark Beauty Strawberry
Fragaria' Raspyberry Strawberry
Fragaria' SCARLET BELLE™ Strawberry
Fragaria' Sparkle Strawberry
Geum' Petticoats Peach
Gleditsia' QuickScape Minis Honey Locust Tree
Gymnocladus' QuickScape Minis Kentucky Coffeetree
Hakonechloa' Lemon Zest™ Japanese Forest Grass
Helictotrichon' Blue Oat Grass
Heptacodium' Seven-Son Flower Tree
Heuchera' Autumn Glow Coral Bells
Heuchera' Catching Fire Coral Bells
Heuchera' Dark Storm Coral Bells
Heuchera' Palace Purple Coral Bells
Hibicus' Blue Bird
Hippophae' Orange Energy® Seaberry
Hydrangea' Berry White® Tree
Hydrangea' Limelight Tree
Hydrangea' Little Lime Punch®
Hydrangea' Quick Fire® Tree
Hydrangea' Vanilla Strawberry™ Tree
Ilex' Princess/Prince Blue Holly Combo
Juniperus' Blue Rug Juniper
Juniperus' Blue Star Juniper
Juniperus' Hughes Juniper
Juniperus' Lime Glow Juniper
Laburnum' QuickScape Minis Golden Chain Tree
Laurus' Bay Leaf Topiary Tree
Laurus' Bay Leaf Tree
Lavandula' Big time blue Lavender
Lavandula' Hidcote Lavender
Leontopodium' Blossom Of Snow
Lilium' Casa Blanca Oriental Lily
Liquidambar' QuickScape Minis American Sweetgum Tree
Liriodendron' QuickScape Minis Tulip Tree
Liriodendron' Tulip Tree
Lonicera' Borealis Honeyberry (Haskap)
Lonicera' Czelabinka Honeyberry (Haskap)
Lonicera' Honeyberry (Haskap) Duet
Lonicera' Mandarin Honeysuckle Vine
Magnolia' Butterflies
Magnolia' QuickScape Minis Moonglow® Sweetbay Magnolia Tree
Malus' Dolgo Crabapple Tree
Malus' Lucy™ Gem Red Fleshed Apple Tree
Malus' Lucy™ Glo Red Fleshed Apple Tree
Malus' Lucy™ Rose Red Fleshed Apple Tree
Malus' Pink Pearl Heirloom Apple Tree
Malus' Super Dwarf Granny Smith Apple Tree
Malus' Super Dwarf Liberty Apple Tree
Malus' Super Dwarf Pink Lady Apple Tree
Malus' Super Dwarf Spartan Apple Tree
Matteuccia' Ostrich Fern
Metasequoia' QuickScape Minis Dawn Redwood Tree
Morus' Hardy Mulberry Tree
Paeonia' Nippon Beauty Peony
Paeonia' Raspberry Sundae Peony
Paeonia' Raspberry Sundae Peony
Papaver' Beauty of Livermere Poppy
Phlox' Candy Stripe Creeping Phlox
Phlox' Modern Art
Phlox' Orange Perfection
Phlox' Younique™ White Phlox
Picea' Birds Nest Spruce
Pinus' Austrian Pine
Pinus' Dwarf Mugo Pine
Pinus' Pinyon Pine Tree
Potentilla' Mont' D Oro Cinquefoil
Prunus' Carmine Jewel® Cold Hardy Dwarf Cherry Tree
Prunus' Wild Sweet Cherry Tree
Pyrus' Asian Pear Buffet Tree
Pyrus' Bartlett Pear Tree
Pyrus' Cold Hardy Pear Picnic Tree
Pyrus' Golden Spice Pear Tree
Pyrus' Maxie® Euro-Asian Hybrid Dwarf Pear Tree
Pyrus' Red Clapp's Dwarf Pear Tree
Pyrus' Rescue Dwarf Pear Tree
Quercus' QuickScape Minis Bur Oak Tree
Quercus' QuickScape Minis Columnar English Oak Tree
Quercus' QuickScape Minis Northern Red Oak Tree
Quercus' QuickScape Minis Pin Oak Tree
Rhododendron' Fireball Azalea
Rhododendron' Gold Prinz
Rubus' Baby Cakes™ Thornless Blackberry
Rubus' Boysenberry
Rubus' Bristol Black Raspberry
Rubus' Chester Thornless Blackberry
Rubus' Fall Gold Raspberry
Rubus' Killarney Raspberry
Rubus' Loganberry
Rubus' Marionberry
Rubus' Royalty Purple Raspberry
Rubus' Tayberry
Rubus' Twilight Thornless Blackberry
Rubus' Wild Raspberry
Salvia' May Night Salvia
Sambacus' Lemony Lace® Elder
Sedum' Atlantis™
Sedum' Cherry Truffle
Sedum' Dazzleberry
Sedum' Munstead Dark Red
Sedum' Night Embers
Sedum' Solar Spice®
Sorbus' QuickScape Minis European Mountain Ash Tree
Styrax' QuickScape Minis Japanese Snowbell Tree
Syringa' Josee Reblooming Lilac
Syringa' Primrose Yellow Lilac
Syringa' QuickScape Minis Peking Lilac Tree
Syringa' Wonderblue Lilac
Syringa' Yankee Doodle Lilac
Taxus' Hick's Yew Evergreen
Thuja' Whipcord Dwarf Cedar
Tilia' QuickScape Minis Silver Linden Tree
Vaccinium' "Bonus" Giant Blueberry
Vaccinium' Blue Crop Blueberry
Vaccinium' Chandler Blueberry
Vaccinium' Chippewa Blueberry
Vaccinium' Northblue Blueberry
Vaccinium' Northcountry Blueberry
Vaccinium' Northland Blueberry
Vaccinium' Patriot Blueberry
Vaccinium' Pink Lemoande Blueberry
Vaccinium' Silver Dollar® Blueberry
Vaccinium' Top Hat Blueberry
Vitis' Sufflolk Red Seedless Grape
Wisteria' Blue Moon
Zanthoxylum' Szechuan Pepper Tree

Estimated Spring/Summer Pick Up Periods By Product #2 (May 15th To June 15th)

Acer' Autumn Blaze® Maple Tree
Acer' Coral Bark Japanese Maple Tree
Acer' Fall Fiesta® Sugar Maple Tree
Acer' Red Rocket Columnar Maple Tree
Acer' Red Sunset® Maple Tree
Acer' Regal Petticoat® Maple Tree
Acer' Sugar Cone Columnar Sugar Maple Tree
Agastache' Blue Fortune Hyssop
Albizia' Persian Silk Tree
Alcea Rosea' Black Knight Specialty Hollyhock
Alcea Rosea' Fiesta Time Specialty Hollyhock
Allium' Lavender Bubbles
Amelanchier' Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry Clump
Amelanchier' Regent Saskatoon
Andropogon' Blackhawks Big Bluestem Grass
Andropogon' Red Ocrober Big Bluestem Grass
Anemone' Snowdrop
Aquilegia' Biedermeier Columbine
Asparagus' Mary Washington
Asparagus' Purple Passion
Bergenia' Spring Fling
Calamgrostis' Korean Feather Reed Grass
Callicarpa' Issai Beautyberry
Centranthus' Red Valerian
Clematis' Little Duckling
Clematis' Multi Blue
Cornus baileyi Red Twig Dogwood
Delosperma' Red Mountain® Flame Ice Plant
Delphinium' Blue Buccaneers Specialty Delphinium
Delphinium' New Millennium Mini Stars
Delphinium' Purple Passion Specialty Delphinium
Delphinium' Rose White Bee
Deutzia' Yuki Cherry Blossom® Shrub
Dianthus' American Pie™ Bumbleberry Pie
Dianthus' American Pie™ Georgia Peach
Dianthus' Spotty
Echinacea' Cone-fections™ Hot Papaya Coneflower
Echinacea' Double Dipped® Watermelon Sugar Coneflower
Echinacea' Pretty Parasols Coneflower
Echinacea' Sombrero® Baja Burgundy Coneflower
Echinacea' Sunseekers Apple Green Coneflower
Echinacea' Sunseekers Rainbow Coneflower
Echium' Red Feathers
Eryngium' Blue Hobbit
Eucomis' Safari Adventure Pineapple Lily
Fargesia' Green Panda Cold Hardy Clumping Bamboo
Festuca' Glow Sticks Grass
Forsythia' Northern Gold
Gardenia' Crown Jewel
Gaultheria' Cherry Berries™ Wintergreen
Hemerocalis' Jamaican Me Crazy Daylily
Hemerocalis' Lake Of Fire Daylily (Specialty)
Hemerocalis' Little Grapette Daylily
Hemerocalis' Persian Ruby Daylily (Specialty)
Hemerocalis' Princess Diana Daylily
Hemerocalis' Red Hot Returns Daylily
Hemerocalis' Storm Shelter Daylily (Specialty)
Hemerocalis' Summer Wine Daylily
Hemerocalis' Wineberry Candy Daylily
Hibiscus' Aphrodite
Hibiscus' Blue Chiffon®
Hibiscus' Diana
Hibiscus' First Editions® Fiji™
Hibiscus' First Editions® French Cabaret™ Blush
Hibiscus' First Editions® French Cabaret™ Purple
Hibiscus' First Editions® French Cabaret™ Red
Hippophae' Askola Seaberry
Hippophae' Leikora Seaberry
Hosta' Blue Ivory
Hosta' Dancing Queen (Specialty Hosta)
Hosta' June
Hosta' Sunset Groove Hosta
Hosta' White Dove
Hydrangea' Climbing Hydrangea Vine
Hydrangea' Endless Summer® Pop Star®
Hydrangea' Endless Summer® Summer Crush®
Hydrangea' First Editions® Diamond Rouge®
Hydrangea' First Editions® Little Hottie
Hydrangea' First Editions®Strawberry Sundae®
Hydrangea' First Editions®Vanilla Strawberry™
Hydrangea' First Editions®Vanilla Strawberry™
Hydrangea' Incrediball®
Hydrangea' Limelight Prime®
Hypericum' Ames Kalm St. Johnswort
Ilex' Male Winterberry
Iris' Black Gamecock Louisiana Iris
Iris' Purring Tiger Siberian
Iris' Strawberry Fair Siberian
Larix' Weeping Larch Tree
Lavandula' Hidcote Lavender
Lavandula' Platinum Blonde™ Lavender
Ligustrum' Cheyenne Privet
Lilium' Pink Tiger Lily
Lilium' Tiger Lily
Lilium' Tiny Ghost Lily
Linum' Blue Flax
Lonicera' Aurora Honeyberry (Haskap)
Lonicera' Boreal Beauty Honeyberry (Haskap)
Lonicera' Borealis Honeyberry (Haskap)
Lonicera' Indigo Gem Honeyberry (Haskap)
Lonicera' Polar Jewel Honeyberry (Haskap)
Lupinus' Gallery Mix™ Lupine
Magnolia' Betty
Magnolia' Daybreak (Columnar)
Magnolia' Judy Zuk
Magnolia' Pink Star
Magnolia' Royal Star
Magnolia' Rustica Rubra
Magnolia' Sieboldii Colossus
Malus' 3 Tier Hardy Espalier Apple Tree
Malus' Granny Smith Apple Tree
Malus' Heritage Apple Buffet Tree
Malus' Honeycrisp Apple Tree
Malus' Royal Gala Apple Tree
Malus' Super Dwarf Fuji Apple Tree
Malus' Super Dwarf Gravenstein Apple Tree
Malus' Super Dwarf Honeycrisp Apple Tree
Malus' Transparent Yellow Apple Tree
Malus' Urban® Blushing Delight Columnar Apple Tree
Malus' Urban® Blushing Delight™ Apple Tree
Malus' Urban® Golden Treat Columnar Apple Tree
Malus' Urban® Tasty Red Columnar Apple Tree
Mespilus' Medlar Tree
Miscanthus' Encore Grass
Miscanthus' Flame Grass
Miscanthus' Little Zebra Grass
Muhlenbergia' Pink Muhly Grass
Origanum' Drops Of Jupiter Oregano
Paeonia' "Henry Bockstoce" Heirloom Specialty Peony
Paeonia' Bowl of Beauty Peony
Paeonia' Double Fernleaf Peony
Paeonia' Floral Rivalry Tree Peony
Paeonia' High Noon Tree Peony
Paeonia' Kamada Nishiki Tree Peony
Paeonia' Lollipop Itoh Peony
Paeonia' Louyang Red Tree Peony
Paeonia' Primevere Peony
Paeonia' Scrumdiddlyumptious Itoh Peony
Paeonia' Snow Tower Tree Peony
Papaver' Fruit Punch Poppy
Papaver' Harvest Moon Poppy
Papaver' Iceland Mix Poppy
Papaver' Mrs. Perry Poppy
Papaver' Queen Alexandra Poppy
Papaver' Raspberry Queen Poppy
Papaver' White Ruffles Poppy
Philadelphus' Blizzard Mock Orange
Phlox' Emerald Blue Creeping Phlox
Phlox' Emerald Pink Creeping Phlox
Physocarpus' Raspberry Lemonade™ Ninebark
Physocarpus' Sweet Cherry Tea™ Ninebark
Physostegia' Crystal Peak White Obedient Plant
Physostegia' Vivid Obedient Plant
Picea' The Blues Weeping Colorado Blue Spruce
Potentilla' First Ed® Mandarin Tango®
Prunus' 3 Way Combination Cherry Tree
Prunus' Amanogawa Columnar Cherry Blossom Tree
Prunus' Beauty Dwarf Plum Tree
Prunus' Cold Hardy Plum Medley Tree
Prunus' Compass Cherry Plum Tree (Chum)
Prunus' D'Artagnan Cold Hardy Dwarf Cherry
Prunus' European Plum Medley Tree
Prunus' Fantasia Dwarf Nectarine Tree
Prunus' Flavor King® Pluot Tree
Prunus' Flavortop Dwarf Nectarine Tree
Prunus' Fruit Cocktail Tree
Prunus' Fruit Cocktail Tree
Prunus' Fruit Salad Tree
Prunus' Fruit Salad Tree
Prunus' Hardy Red Dwarf Nectarine Tree
Prunus' Meteor Cold Hardy Dwarf Cherry Tree
Prunus' Puget Gold® Semi-Dwarf Apricot Tree
Prunus' Shiro Plum Tree
Prunus' Stella Cherry Tree
Prunus' Sweetheart Cherry Tree
Prunus' Sweetheart Mayday Tree
Prunus' Tilton Dwarf Apricot Tree
Prunus' Waneta Plum Tree
Prunus' Wenatchee Moorpark Dwarf Apricot Tree
Pterocephalus' Carpeting Pincushion Flower
Pulsatilla' Pasque Flower
Pulsatilla' Red Pasque Flower
Pyrus' 4 Way Combination Cold Hardy Pear Tree
Pyrus' European Combo Pear Tree
Pyrus' Maxie® Euro-Asian Hybrid Pear Tree
Rhododendron' Garden Rainbow Tri-Color Azalea
Rhododendron' P.J.M. Elite
Rhododendron' Ramapo
Rhododendron' Roseum Elegans
Rhododendron' Rosey Lights Azalea
Rhododendron' Western Lights Azalea
Rhus' Tiger Eyes® Staghorn Sumac
Rosa' Above and Beyond™ Climbing Rose
Rosa' Blanc Double de Coubert Rose
Rosa' Carefree Wonder™ Rose
Rosa' First Ed® Ramblin' Red Climbing Rose
Rosa' First Editions® Patriot Dream Rose
Rubus' Black Satin Thornless Blackberry
Rubus' Canby Thornless Raspberry
Rubus' Heritage Raspberry
Rubus' Thimbleberry
Rubus' Wild Blackberry
Rudbeckia' Goldsturm
Sambucus' Adams Elderberry
Sambucus' Black Lace®
Sambucus' Blue Elderberry
Sempervivum' Chocolate Kiss Hens&Chicks
Sempervivum' Desert Bloom Hens and Chicks
Sempervivum' Gold Nugget™ Hens And Chicks
Sempervivum' Ruby Heart Chicks and Hens
Sorghastrum' Golden Sunset® Grass
Spiraea' Snowmound
Syringa' Beijing Gold® Yellow Tree Lilac
Syringa' Bloomerang® Dark Purple
Syringa' First Editions® Pinktini™ Lilac
Syringa' Little Lady Lilac
Syringa' Mount Baker Lilac
Syringa' Sweetheart Lilac
Tanacetum' Robinson's Mix Painted Daisy
Thuja' Emerald Cedar
Thuja' Northern Spire Western Red Cedar
Thuja' Skybound Cedar
Thymus' Elfin Creeping Thyme
Thymus' Purple Carpet Creeping Thyme
Thymus' White Creeping Thyme
Vaccinium' Razz Blueberry
Vaccinium' Red Candy Lingonberry
Vaccinium' Sweetheart 'Everbearing' Blueberry
Viburnum' Bailey Compact American Cranberry
Viburnum' Common Snowball
Viburnum' Wentworth American Cranberry
Viola' Etain (Specialty)
Wisteria' Bluemoon Tree Wisteria
Wisteria' First Editions® Summer Cascade™
Yucca' Blue Sentry

Estimated Spring/Summer Pick Up Periods By Product #3 (June 15th To July 15th)

Acer' Beni-Maiko Pink Dwarf Japanese Maple
Acer' Bloodgood Japanese Maple
Acer' Burgundy Belle Maple Tree
'Acer' Emperor One™ Japanese Maple Tree
Acer' Okukuji Nishiki Japanese Maple Tree
Actinidia' Prolific Hardy Kiwi Vine
Agastache' Guava Lava Hyssop
Agastache' Morello Hyssop
Ajuga' Black Scallop Bugleweed
Ajuga' Tropical Toucan Bugleweed
Amelanchier' Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry Tree
'Amorpha' Lead Plant
Aquilegia' Earlybird™ Purple Yellow
Aquilegia' Earlybird™ Red Yellow
Aquilegia' Leprechaun Gold Columbine
Aquilegia' Songbird Cardinal
Asclepias' Butterfly Weed
Asclepias' Cinderella Milkweed
Asclepias' Hello Yellow Butterfly Weed
Aster' Grape Crush
Astilbe' Visions
Astilbe' Younique Raspberry
Bellis' Tasso® Strawberries & Cream English Daisy
Buddleia Groovy Grape™ Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Psychedelic Sky™ Butterfly Bush
Buddleia' Funky Fuchsia Butterfly Bush
Buddleia' Grand Cascade Butterfly Bush
Buddleia' Pink Cascade Butterfly Bush
Callicarpa' Pearl Glam®' Beauty Berry
Campanula' Appeal Pink
Campsis' Flamenco Trumpet Vine
Campsis' Flamenco Trumpet Vine
Campsis' Flava Trumpet Vine
Catalpa' Northern Catalpa Tree
Catalpa' Purple Hybrid Catalpa Tree
Cercidiphyllum' Hanna's Heart® Katsura Tree
Cercis' MN Strain Cold Hardy Redbud Tree
Cercis' Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Tree
Citrus' Buddha Hand Patio Citron Tree
Citrus' Cara Cara Patio Orange Tree
Citrus' Cold Hardy Orange Tree
Citrus' Improved Meyer Patio Lemon Tree
Citrus' Minneola Patio Tangelo Tree
Citrus' New Zealand Lemonade Patio Lemon Tree
Citrus' Nules Patio Clementine Tree
Citrus' Red Finger Patio Lime Tree
Citrus' Star Ruby Patio Grapefruit Tree
Citrus' Thornless Patio Key Lime Tree
Citrus' Variegated Pink Lemonade Tree
Clematis' New Love (Bush Clematis)
Clematis' Princess Kate Clematis
Clematis' Warsaw Nike
Cornus' Pagoda Dogwood Tree
Cornus' Pagoda Dogwood Tree
Cornus' Satomi Kousa Dogwood Tree
Cornus' Scarlet Fire® Kousa Dogwood Tree
Corydalis' Blue Heron
Corylus' Beaked Hazelnut
Corylus' Eta Filbert Hazelnut Tree
Corylus' Jefferson Filbert Hazelnut Tree
Corylus' Red Majestic Contorted Filbert Hazelnut
Corylus' Theta Filbert Hazelnut Tree
Corylus' Yamhill Filbert Hazelnut Tree
Cotinus' Golden Spirit™ Smokebush
Crataegus' Crimson Cloud Hawthorn Tree
Crataegus' Toba Hawthorn Tree
Cymbopogon' Lemongrass
Delphinium' Guardian Lavender
Dianthus' Pretty Poppers™ Cute As A Button
Dianthus' Raspberry Ruffles
Digitalis' Camelot Mix Specialty Foxglove
Digitalis' Candy Mountain Specialty Foxglove
Echibeckia' Summerina® Glow Sugar Shake
Echinacea' Artisan™ Red Ombre Coneflower
Echinacea' Artisan™ Soft Orange Coneflower
Echinacea' Double Dipped® Rainbow Sherbet Coneflower
Echinacea' Eye Catcher™ Coral Craze Coneflower
Echinacea' PowWow® Wildberry Coneflower
Echinacea' Prairie Splendor™ Coneflower
Forsythia' Lynnwood Gold Forsythia Tree
Fortunella' Fukushu Patio Kumquat Tree
Fragaria' Seascape Heirloom Everbearing
Fragaria' Cherryberry Strawberry
Fragaria' Eversweet Everbearing Strawberry
Fragaria' Ozark Beauty Everbearing Strawberry
Fragaria' Pineberry White Strawberry
Fragaria' Quinault Giant Everbearing Strawberry
Fragaria' Seascape Strawberry
Gaillardia' Spintop Copper Sun Blanket Flower
Ginkgo' Autumn Gold Maidenhair Tree
Hakonechloa' All Gold Japanese Forest Grass
Helenium' Fuego
Helenium' Siesta
Helleborus' Ashwood Garden Hybrids
Helleborus' Blushing Bridesmaid
Helleborus' Confetti Cake
Helleborus' Dark And Handsome
Helleborus' Heavenly Hellebore© Mix
Helleborus‘ Mardi Gras Double Purple Mystique
Helleborus' Mother Of The Bride
Helleborus' Rio Carnival
Helleborus' Romantic Getaway
Helleborus' Rome In Red
Helleborus' Ruse Black
Helleborus' Shotgun Wedding
Helleborus' Spanish Flare
Helleborus' Sunshine Selections
Heuchera' Electric Plum Coral Bells
Heuchera' PRIMO® Wild Rose Coral Bells
Hibiscus' Airbrush Effect (Hardy/Perennial)
Hibiscus' Carousel Red
Hibiscus' Purple Pillar™
Hibiscus' Summerific® Ballet Slippers (Hardy/Perennial)
Hibiscus' Summerific® Edge Of Night (Hardy/Perennial)
Hibiscus' Summerific® French Vanilla (Hardy/Perennial)
Hibiscus' Summerific® Holy Grail (Hardy/Perennial)
Hibiscus' Watermelon Ruffles (Hardy/Perennial)
Hosta' Curly Fries Specialty Hosta
Hosta' Empress Wu Giant Hosta
Hosta' Frances Williams
Hydrangea' Bloomables® Cherry Explosion
Hydrangea' Diamond Rouge
Hydrangea' Double Delights™ Star Gazer
Hydrangea' Nikko Blue
Hydrangea' Onyx™ Flamingo
Hydrangea' Pink Diamond
Hydrangea' Pink Dynamo™
Hydrangea' Queen Of Hearts Oakleaf
Hydrangea' Rosy Splendor Tinkerbell
Hydrangea' Wow Time
Imperata' Red Baron Japanese Blood Grass
Iris' 'Purple Flame
Iris' "Fancy Me This" Siberian
Iris' Attention Please
Iris' Peacock Butterfly Mix
Iris' Pumpkin Cheesecake
Iris' Purple Flame
Iris' Sugar Rush
Iris' Variegata
Iris' Wine and Roses
Juglans' Carpathian English Walnut Tree
Juglans' Cascade English Walnut Tree
Juncus' Twisted Arrows Fuseables® Grass
Kniphofia' "Redhot Popsicle" Red Hot Pokers
Koelreuteria' Coral Sun Golden Rain Tree
Lagerstroemia' Bellini Raspberry Dwarf Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia' Bellini® Grape Dwarf Crape Myrtle
Larix' Native Larch Tree
Larix' Siberian Larch Tree
Leucanthemum' Banana Cream Shasta Daisy
Lupinus' Polar Princess Hybrid Lupine
Lycium' Cold Hardy Goji Berry
Magnolia' Neds Northern Belle Sweetbay Magnolia
Magnolia' Pink Pyramid
Magnolia' Tinkerbelle
Malus' Ambrosia Apple Tree
Malus' Golden Delicious Apple Tree
Malus' Golden Russet Cider Apple Tree
Malus' Golden Sentinel Columnar Apple Tree
Malus' Hardi-Mac Apple Tree
Malus' Kingston Black Cider Apple Tree
Malus' Medaille D'or Cider Apple Tree
Malus' Rosy Glo Weeping Crabapple Tree
Malus' Royal Raindrops® Crabapple Tree
Malus' Spring Snow Flowering Crabapple Tree
Malus' State Fair Apple Tree
Malus' Sweet Sixteen Apple Tree
Malus' TreasuRed Columnar Apple Tree
Malus' Weeping Candied Apple™ Crabapple Tree
Metasequoia' Dawn Redwood
Monarda' Electric Neon Purple Beebalm
Monarda' SUGARBUZZ Berry Taffy Beebalm
Monarda' SUGARBUZZ Cherry Pops Beebalm
Monarda' SUGARBUZZ Grape Gumball Beebalm
Musa acuminata' Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree
Nepeta' Kitten Around Catmint
Nepeta' Whispurr™ Pink Catmint
Ophiopogon' Black Mondo Grass
Papaver' Brilliant Poppy
Papaver' Turkenlouis Poppy
Parthenocissus' Star Showers Virginia Creeper
Perovskia' Blue Jean Baby Russian Sage
Perovskia' Denim 'n Lace Russian Sage
Perovskia' Sage Advice Russian Sag
Phlox' Bubblegum Pink Phlox
Phlox' Flame Pro Baby Doll
Phlox' Olympus
Pinus' Lodgepole pine Tree
Platycodon' POP STAR™ Blue Balloon Flower
Platycodon' POP STAR™ White Balloon Flower
Populus' Quaking Trembling Aspen Tree
Populus' Swedish Columnar Aspen Tree
Potentilla' Arc En Ciel Cinquefoil
Primula' Pacific Hybrids English Primrose Mix
Prunus Dulcis' Halls Hardy Almond Tree
Prunus' AllStar® Peach Tree
Prunus' Casino Apricot Tree
Prunus' Cresthaven Peach Tree
Prunus' Early Redhaven Peach Tree
Prunus' Glohaven Peach Tree
Prunus' Harrow Diamond Peach Tree
Prunus' Little Twist® Fuji Dwarf Cherry Tree
Prunus' Newport Ornamental Plum Tree
Prunus' O'Henry Peach Tree
Prunus' Red Globe Peach Tree
Prunus' Redhaven Peach Tree
Prunus' Snow Fountain® Weeping Cherry Tree
Prunus' Super Dwarf Golden Prolific Nectarine Tree
Pyrus' 3 Tier Espalier Asian Pear Combination Tree
Quercus' Crimson Spire™ Columnar Oak Tree
Rheum' Strawberry Red Rhubarb
Rhododendron' Northern Hi-Lights Azalea
Robina' Twisty Baby™ Dwarf Black Locust
Robinia' Purple Robe Locust Tree
Rodgersia' Chocolate Wings
Rosa' Chinook Sunrise™ Rose
Rosa' Double Pink Knock Out® Rose Tree
Rosa' Falling In Love™ Hybrid Tea Rose Tree
Rosa' Julia Childs Rose Tree
Rosa' Livin' Easy™ Rose Tree
Rosa' Lotty's Love™ Rose
Rosa' Ringo Rose
Rosa' White Knock Out® Rose Tree
Rosmarinus' Arp Cold Hardy Rosemary
Rosmarinus' Barbecue Rosemary
Rosmarinus' Chef's Choice® Culinary Rosemary
Rubus' Columbia Star Thornless Blackberry
Rubus' Polar Berry™ Blackberry
Rubus' Salmonberry
Rubus' Shortcake® Thornless Raspberry
Rudbeckia' Cherry Brandy Specialty
Salix' Hakuro-Nishiki Dappled Willow Tree
Salix' Prairie Cascade Willow Tree
Salvia' Bumbleberry Sage
Salvia' Bumbleblue Sage
Salvia' Rose Marvel
Salvia' Tri-Color Culinary Sage
Sarracenia' Bug Bat Pitcher Plant
Sarracenia' Conversation Piece Pitcher Plant
Schizophragma' Flirty Girl™ Hydrangea Vine
Sedum' Lime Zinger
Sempervivum' COLOROCKZ® Arctic White Hens and Chicks
Syringa' Congo Lilac
Syringa' Flowerfesta® Purple Reblooming Lilac Tree
Syringa' Tinkerbelle® Dwarf Lilac Tree
Thuja' Little Giant Globe Cedar
Thymus' Lemon Creeping Thyme
Thymus' Pink Chintz Creeping Thyme
Thymus' Red Creeping Thyme
Thymus' Woolly Creeping Thyme
Tricyrtis 'Blue Wonder Specialty Toad Lily
Tricyrtis' Miyazaki Hybrids Toad Lily
Vaccinium' Mountain Huckleberry
Vaccinium' Sapphire Cascade Hanging Basket Everbearing Blueberry
Viburnum' Guelder Rose Tree Form
Vitis' Beta Grape
Vitis' Einset Seedless Grape
Vitis' Himrod Seedless Grape
Vitis' Pinot Noir Wine Grape
Vitis' Somerset Cold Hardy Seedless Grape
Vitis' Valiant Grape
Weigela' Czechmark Trilogy Weigela
Weigela' Wine & Roses® Weigela
Wisteria' Alba
Wisteria' Domino Tree Wisteria
Wisteria' Pink Ice Japanese Tree Wisteria
Yucca' Color Guard Yucca
Zauschneria' Orange Carpet®

While we strive to ensure that all items are included in our estimated shipping periods, we want to inform you that there may be instances where some items may have been missed during the lists compilation process. In such cases, these items shall be expected for estimated spring/summer pick up period #3.

Processing Of Pick Ups: Except for in the case of an order with back-ordered items (see our back orders policy for more info) For any 1 order placed with us, standardly we will send the official ready for pick up notification via email as soon as ALL of the plants in the specific order are ready to be picked up. Our estimated spring/summer pick up periods by product and our estimated late summer/ fall pick up periods by product, showing specific estimated pick up periods within the specific timelines will be released at the beginning of each relative pick up seasons timeline. This will help order holders determine approximately when their entire order will be ready to pick up. Upon review of the estimated pick up periods by products, if order holders see certain products in your order that may be ready to pick up but not others, you can email us to request to make pick ups in multiple visits based on what becomes ready as the season progresses. Please note that we can not guarantee any item to be ready for pick up unless such an inquiry is approved and confirmed by us via email request or unless you have received your official ready for pick up notification. Orders are estimated to be available to pick up within the set timelines and periods. Pick up info will be sent to customers upon orders being ready to pick up. The estimated pick up periods by product' is an estimate and does not constitute an official ready for pick up notification. We advise that you wait for your official ready for pick up notification sent to you via email or text, or an approval for a request to pick your order up in multiple visits before attempting to retrieve your order, to ensure all items on your order are ready to be picked up and to avoid any confusion or inconveniences. Please refer to our policies and all relevant informational pages for additional information.

NOTE: At our nursery, we take pride in carefully cultivating and growing a wide variety of plants. However, please note that due to the unique nature of each species, they all have different growing and maturation periods. As a result, different plants pass grade and are ready to be picked up at variable and different times throughout the pick up and growing season. Due to this and unpredictable variables that are part of the nursery industry each season such as weather, crops etc. exact pick up dates can not be guaranteed. We appreciate your courtesy and patience as we strive to fulfill the high demand for our one of a find selection of quality plants each pick up season!

A word from the grower team at Although the unique aspect of being a grower and Canada wide distributor of a vast array of containerized nursery stock presents its challenges, it also provides great advantages to us and our customers as it extends our viable pick up season into the summer, compared to bulb, seed or bareroot suppliers who are limited to a highly restricted season and planting window in early spring or fall. Our plants can be successfully picked up at most times throughout the year, container grown for convenience and planted at your own pace. This provides flexible and versatile options when ordering and picking up our products and increases your chances of success in your garden.

*Any Unfulfillable Orders From A Particular Pick Up Season From Back Orders Etc. Automatically Forward To The Next Available Pick Up Season.  

Kindly Note An Important Announcement Regarding Spring/Late Summer Pick Up Orders: From April 15th onwards to June 30th, only those products which are mentioned in the 'Spring/Summer Estimated Pick Up Periods By Product' will be available for pick-up during the Spring/Summer pick up Season. Any products ordered during this time period, which are not listed in the 'Spring/Summer Estimated Pick Up Periods By Product', may not be available for pick-up until the subsequent pick-up season.

Kindly Note An Important Announcement Regarding Late Summer/Fall Pick Up Orders: From September 15th onwards to October 31st, only those products which are mentioned in the 'Late Summer/Fall Estimated Pick Up Periods By Product' will be available for pick-up during the Late Summer/Fall pick up Season. Any products ordered during this time period, which are not listed in the 'Late Summer Fall Estimated Pick Up Periods By Product', may not be available for pick-up until the subsequent pick-up season.