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Plum Bloom Times

Plum Variety Bloom Season Plum Type
Stanley Early European 
Santa Rosa Early Japanese 
Satsuma Early Japanese
Mariposa Early Japanese
Shiro Early Japanese
Early Golden Early Japanese
Bluefre Early European 
Beauty Early Japanese
Mount Royal  Early European 
Brookgold Early Japanese
Compass Early Japanese
Waneta Early

American Hybird

Casselman Mid-Season Japanese
Methley Mid-Season Japanese
Tecumsch Mid-Season American Hybrid
Italian Mid-Season European 
Toka Mid-Season American Hybrid
Superior  Mid-Season American Hybrid
President Mid-Season European 
Greengage Mid-Season European 
Opata Mid-Season American 
Angelina Late European 
French Late European 
Marjorie's Seedling Late European 
Pembina  Late American Hybrid
Brookred Late Japanese


Note: The exact bloom season can vary depending on location and weather conditions.