Pre Order Your Favorites For Spring/Summer '24 While Supplies Last!

Shipping Timelines And Periods

(Click Here For Specific Shipping Info On Manufactured Merchandise Orders. Refer To The Info Below For All Live Plant Orders.) 

Estimated General Shipping Timelines By Order Dates:

Orders Placed Between Are Estimated to Ship In The
Sept 1st - May 31st Spring/Summer '24 Shipping Season (Apr 15th - July 15th) Unless Following Shipping Season Requested.
June 1st - Aug 31st Late Summer/Fall '24 Shipping Season (Sept 15th - Dec 15th) Unless Following Shipping Season Requested.

Spring/Summer '24 Estimated Shipping Periods By Product Will Be Released On April 15th.

Estimated Spring/Summer '24 Shipping Periods By Product:

IMPORTANT: For any 1 order placed with us, standardly we will process it to ship as soon as ALL of the plants in the specific order are ready to be shipped as laid out in the Spring/Summer shipping periods. See additional info on standard processing of shipments below.

Processing Of Shipping: Except for in the case of an order with back-ordered items (see our back orders policy for more info) for any 1 order placed with us, standardly we will process it to ship as soon as ALL of the plants in the specific order are ready to be shipped. However, for larger or multiple orders, we reserve the right to split them up and ship them as each plant becomes available or combine them as we see fit. Each decision is made to ensure the most efficient shipping process possible. The order holder agrees to allow us to make these executive decisions on their behalf and for their benefit. Unless a customer has paid for separate shipping to accommodate such a request, we will not standardly ship items separately as they become available but only once all items have passed grade and are ready to ship. Our estimated spring/ early summer shipping periods by product and our estimated late summer/ fall shipping periods by product, showing specific estimated shipping periods within the specific timelines will be released at the beginning of each relative shipping seasons timeline. This will help order holders determine approximately when their entire order will be ready to process for shipping. Orders are estimated to ship within the set timelines and periods. Notification with necessary tracking info will be sent to customers upon orders departing our nursery. To avoid any confusion or inconveniences please note that the 'Spring/Early Summer Estimated Shipping Periods By Product' is an estimate and does not constitute an official shipping notification. You will be sent a official shipping notification via email or text upon your order being shipped from our nursery. Please refer to our policies and all relevant informational pages for additional information.

NOTE: At our nursery, we take pride in carefully cultivating and growing a wide variety of plants. However, please note that due to the unique nature of each species, they all have different growing and maturation periods. As a result, different plants pass grade and are ready to be shipped at different times throughout the shipping and growing season. Due to this and unpredictable variables that are part of the nursery industry each season such as weather, crops etc. exact shipping dates can not be guaranteed. We appreciate your courtesy and patience as we strive to fulfill the high demand for our one of a kind selection of quality plants each shipping season!

 *Any Unfulfillable Orders From A Particular Shipping Season Due To Back Orders Etc. Automatically Forward To The Next Available Shipping Season. 

Kindly Note An Important Announcement Regarding Shipping Orders: Orders placed from April 15th onwards to September 1st, for products which are not listed on the Spring/ Early Summer Shipping Periods By Product may not be available to ship until the Spring/Early Summer Shipping Season of the following calendar year.