Pre Order Your Favorites For Late Summer/Fall '24 While Supplies Last!


"These are some of the beautiful flowers that I get to enjoy the plant and color variations are absolutely beautiful." - Mary S


"All the plants I received this year were bigger than expected. The Butterfly bushes were a favorite, they both came in with lots of buds and have been blooming all summer long. Amazing color."- Angeline J


"Tons of plants from mountain edge including pink diamond hydrangea tree, bloomerang lilac, burning bush and many more! (Can't possibly fit them all into one picture) Love them all!" - Paula P



"Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea Tree. Fell in love from the moment I saw the magnificent tree on your website. The luscious creamy white blooms turn to pink and then a deep red! How magical is this beauty."- Jodie M


"I love my yellow peony tree. It is the color of a lemon. I have it growing in my front yard. I have many people stop and tell me how beautiful it is. When it is fully open it is larger than a man's hand. It is one of the first flowers to open in my garden in the spring and brings me much joy and delight 😊" - Tina B


"Here are images of my "Strawberry Vanilla" hydrangea tree which I received in the spring of 2021. I love this beautiful tree hydrangea and the cut flowers last 2 weeks or more in a vase. As the fall has arrived the blooms are now an almost antique pink. Really lovely." -Heather A


I wanted to submit a picture of the Karl Forster Feather Reed Grass that I purchased from you folks ❤️  Got 15 of the grasses which I was able to purchase for 50% off‼️  Much appreciated 😁 I am creating a secluded sanctuary for bees and butterflies to love 🐝 🦋 This is my first time building a beautiful area with such a purpose in supporting those critters😁 I enjoy my morning coffee in the pergola looking upon the green goodness 🌿 I have pollinator plants ordered from you guys for next spring‼️  I am excited for all of the possibilities in creating this habitat☀️Thank you for being a part of this journey" - Brenda M


"I live in Alberta and ordered this tree this spring.  It has done incredible this year considering its only been planted since June.  True to its description it started flowering a pale vanilla and has changed to dark raspberry over the last 4 weeks.  It has definitely added some punch to my front corner" -Erin A


 "Thought I'd share our beautiful ballet slippers Hibiscus." - Lisa R


"The flowering plum tree & anise hyssop are from your nursery this year and doing well." -Nathaniel S


"This has got to be my favourite flower so far. We just moved to the interior from the island and I had to start from scratch. I ordered a whole truck load of plants and everything came in healthy and happy, I wasn’t sure anything would grow on this rock pit but this mallow surprised me and continues to do so every day." - Darlene D


"Limelight Hydrangea, Because I Love it that's why." Darcy D


"These are pics from some of my favourite things purchased from Mountain Edge Nursery. We just adore the Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea. It’s three years old and just love how the flowers go from lime green, Snow White, pink, and then finally turning red! It’s great fun to watch all the different colours change throughout the growing season. Next pics are of my new Hibiscus. It’s only been planted about 6 weeks now. Was totally blessed with some flowers this late in the season. It has had one white flower that was at least 7 inches across! WOW! The next flower to come was deep pink! How incredibly interesting! I’ve purchased many things from Mountain Edge and love them all!" -Jacquie A


"When my parents purchase this house 2 years ago this rectangular plot had one rosebush.   Now after the work I have done it no longer looks like a graveyard thanks to Mountain Edge and my digging! What is growing? 2 smoke bushes (red and green), 1 apple tree, 2 plum trees, 3 Firebushes, 1 Hydrangea, 3 roses, 1 Barberry, 4 verbena, 2 Blue Russian Sage, 2 Denim and Lace sage, 4 Echinecea, 1 Forsythia, 1 Cold Hard Dwarf Fig. This garden is a grand addition for the bees. This photo was taken in summer and the growth this year has been phenomenal! Thanks for looking!" -Andrea S


"I have bought several bushes and trees from you but this one has to be my favourite" -Linda L