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'Acer' QuickScape Minis Red Maple Tree

'Acer' QuickScape Minis Red Maple Tree

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Botanical Name Acer x griseum
Mature Height 40 - 50 Feet
Mature Width 30 - 40 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun to Partial Shade
Hardiness Zone Zones 3 - 9
Tolerance Drought
Attracts Birds, Pollinators

Our QuickScape Minis Tree line offers highly cost-effective tree solutions suitable for a diverse range of landscape applications! With rapid growth rates, easy planting, and convenient shipping, our QuickScape Minis line of trees are guaranteed to fast-track your landscaping projects! Let these mini but mighty landscape champions establish rapid roots in your tree planting projects! Limited Quantities Available.

ℹ The red maple tree (Acer rubrum) is celebrated for its numerous positive attributes. It dazzles with its stunning fall foliage, turning brilliant shades of red, orange, or yellow, creating picturesque autumn landscapes. Known for its fast growth, red maples establish quickly and boast an adaptable nature, thriving in various soil types and moisture conditions, from wetlands to drier soils. Their attractive pyramidal shape when young matures into a pleasing rounded or oval form. Beyond aesthetics, red maples support wildlife by providing nectar for bees and food sources from their seeds and buds for birds and small mammals. They also offer abundant shade, making them ideal for landscaping and urban environments, where they tolerate pollution and compacted soils admirably. Additionally, red maples are versatile, used not only in landscaping but also in forestry for timber and pulpwood. Low maintenance once established and capable of living for several decades, red maples exemplify longevity and value, enhancing both natural and cultivated settings with their beauty and practical benefits.