'Malus' Heritage Apple Buffet Tree

'Malus' Heritage Apple Buffet Tree

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Botanical Name  Malus Multi-Graft
Mature Height 15 Feet
Mature Width 10 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun to Partial Shade
Hardiness Zone Zones 3-9
Tolerance N/A
Attracts Pollinators 


 ℹ The Heritage Apple Buffet Tree contains 4 of the following 5 cold hardy heritage apples varieties on one self pollinating tree!

September Ruby: Large bright red and sweet fall apple excellent for fresh eating and juicing with good storage qualities. 
Battleford: Medium size, green-yellow apple with red stripes. Late summer apple - good for eating/cooking, with fair storage qualities.
Parkland: Medium size (6-6.5 cm) green-yellow apple with red on sunny side. Creamy -white flesh with green hue. Good for eating/cooking. Stores well if picked under-ripe in mid-summer.
Goodland: Large green apple with red blush. Crisp late summer apple for eating, cooking or storing. 
Norland: Medium size (6-6.5 cm), early, green apple with red stripes. Good for eating and baking and stores well if picked under-ripe. Fruit drops when ripe in summer.  

Note: We can't guarantee the exact four varieties, but these are some of our favorites so we know you'll be happy. All varieties are tagged on the tree.