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'Hydrangea' Everlasting® Revolution

'Hydrangea' Everlasting® Revolution

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Botanical Name Hydrangea  macrophylla 'Hokomarevoa'  PP22260
Mature Height 2.5-3 Feet 
Mature Width 3 -4 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun to Partial Shade 
Hardiness Zone Zones 5-9
Tolerance N/A
Attracts N/A

   ℹ The color changes on a single Everlasting™ Revolution Hydrangea shrub are simply incredible! Expect combinations of deep pink, maroon and blue blooms, all with green highlights as the flowers mature. Every color can be present at once on this heavily reblooming shrub, creating an unforgettable look in garden and container! You simply won't believe it as one bloom turns a combination of magenta and true blue, while another blazes fuchsia-pink! It's as if all the colors and combinations possible in the Hydrangea family have come together in a single shrub!

Revolution is super heavy-blooming as well, with a generous encore in autumn. If you live in an area where late frosts and dropping temperatures have nipped your Hydrangea blooms in the bud, you'll be assured of at least one season of color every year! And elsewhere, you get a fall wash of color to complement the long early-season bloom. Everlasting™ is a Dutch series, and it was originally bred for the cut-flower market, so the emphasis is entirely on the blooms. The flower stems are stronger and straighter than those of many other Hydrangeas, ensuring that the blooms won't flop or twist. The flowers are ultra long-lasting and quite large, especially when seen on the plant, which is just 2 to 4 feet high and wide.
Give this mophead consistently moist soil and a bit of shade in every climate except the most northern. Do not allow it to dry out completely, but make sure the soil drainage is good. Revolution grows quickly and easily, its large, toothy leaves keeping the shrub handsome even when it isn't blooming. This may just become your favorite Hydrangea of all time!