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'Prunus' Romance Series Cherry Buffet

'Prunus' Romance Series Cherry Buffet

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Botanical Name Prunus Avium Multi-Graft
Mature Height 8 Feet
Mature Width 5 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun
Hardiness Zone Zones 2-8
Tolerance N/A
Attracts N/A


ℹ  The Romance Series Cherry Buffet tree is an extremely cold hardy, compact tree that produces abundant crops of sour cherries that have been bred for high sugar content. Three of the following Cupid, Romeo, Juliet, Crimson Passion or S.K Carmine jewel all in one tree will bring cherries to your table all season long! These Romance Series Cherry Buffet trees are truly a glorious sight when their bright white fragrant flowers bloom in early spring. Glossy green foliage that turns yellow to orange in the fall. This tree is a vigorous grower, thrives in full sun, and appreciates well-drained soil. 

 Cupid: An early bloomer with large dark red to black cherries that are sweet yet slightly acidic. Fruit matures in late summer to early fall and are excellent for eating and processing (cooking, baking, and making jams and jellies).

Romeo: Late season, deep red cherries with one of the height sugar content in the romance series collection. Perfect for fresh eating, juicing and baking. 

Juliet: Dark red fruit that is excellent for fresh eating and are held in abundance in mid summer. These are also excellent for cooking, baking, and making jams and jellies.

Crimson Passion: Large sized, beautiful dark ruby red cherries with an excellent juicy sweet taste, outstanding for fresh eating,  processing, juicing or baking! The perfect amount of sweetness and acidity for a perfectly versatile cherry! 

S.K Carmine Jewel: Beautiful dark-red cherries. This bush produces attractive dark-red, tart nickel sized cherries. Fruit is most enjoyable when it is allowed to ripen to a deep red color on the tree. Great for use in pies, juice, dried, and fresh eating.