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'Pyrus' 3 Tier Espalier Asian Pear Combination Tree

'Pyrus' 3 Tier Espalier Asian Pear Combination Tree

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Botanical Name Pyrus pyrifolia Multi Graft Espalier
Mature Height 5 Feet
Mature Width Variable 
Light Requirement Full Sun 
Hardiness Zone Zones 5-9
Tolerance N/A
Attracts N/A


 ℹ The amazing and unique 3 Tier, Espalier, Combo Asian Pear Tree, with Chojuro, Shinseiki and Nijiseiki asian pears all on one self pollinating espaliered tree. Espalier comes from the Italian word that means "something to rest the shoulder against." It's an appropriate term because they are meant to be grown against a wall or structure, especially but not limited to a small area where a standard fruit tree might not fit! Espalier fruit trees can also add a beautiful ornamental value to rock walls, fences etc. and save space for the ornamental trees, even in the larger properties.

ℹ Chojuro: Keeps for up to 20 weeks. A popular variety known for its butterscotch flavor. Green- to yellow-brown russeted skin surrounds crisp, juicy, flavorful white flesh. Similar to grocery store Asian pears, but homegrown tastes so much better! Pick when first yellow-brown in color. Originates from Japan in 1895. Ripens in late August.
ℹ Shinseiki: This pear features a sweet flavor that makes it ideal for salads and snacks. Fruit is round, but sometimes lopsided, with a long stem. Thin, bright-yellow skin surrounds cream-colored, crisp, juicy flesh. Picks earlier than Chojuro variety. Heat and cold tolerant. Originates from Japan in 1945. Ripens in mid August.
ℹ Nijiseiki: An absolutely delicious variety that produces an abundance of juicy yellow fruit. Arguably the sweetest and juiciest Asian Pear produced today. In fact, these little pears are so juicy that their flavor and texture is actually much closer to a watermelon than traditional pears!