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'Quercus' QuickScape Minis Northern Red Oak Tree

'Quercus' QuickScape Minis Northern Red Oak Tree

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Botanical Name Quercus rubra 
Mature Height 66 Feet
Mature Width 66 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun 
Hardiness Zone Zones 2-9 
Tolerance Rabbits, Drought 
Attracts N/A 

Our QuickScape Minis Tree line offers highly cost-effective tree solutions suitable for a diverse range of landscape applications! With rapid growth rates, easy planting, and convenient shipping, our QuickScape Minis line of trees are guaranteed to fast-track your landscaping projects! Let these mini but mighty landscape champions establish rapid roots in your tree planting projects! Limited Quantities Available.

ℹ The Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra) stands out for its myriad positive attributes. Its stunning fall foliage, characterized by vibrant red leaves, adds aesthetic appeal to landscapes. Renowned for its fast growth rate, it is a favored choice in landscaping projects. Adaptability is another strength, as it thrives in diverse soil types, from acidic to clay soils. Valued for its robust and durable wood, the Northern Red Oak finds application in timber and woodworking. Beyond its material benefits, it serves as a habitat and food source for various wildlife species. With its broad canopy, it provides ample shade, making it ideal for parks and residential areas. Furthermore, its longevity, lasting several hundred years, ensures enduring ecological benefits. Finally, its resilience to drought conditions once established underscores its suitability for diverse environments.