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Here's Why You Need A 🌜Moon Garden!



In this article we cover all aspects of a moon garden including what exactly is a moon garden, the science behind the glow, planning your moon garden, and our moon garden packages + our top 10 favorite moon garden plants including available collection and package discounts! 

What Is A Moon Garden?

Whether small or large, moon gardens are a delightful way to extend plant enjoyment into the sundown hours of the evening or early morning! Moon gardens consist of 3 main staples. White blooming plants, silvery foliage and sweet fragrance where possible. These types of plants tend to provide a luminous glow under the stars or moonlight. Combined with sweet calming fragrance you can create a tranquil and magical space for you to enjoy at anytime of the day but especially in the cosmic hours! You’ll surely want to unwind with your moon garden under the stars after a long and hot hectic summer day and let the intoxicating sweet smell and glow of the blooms wash away your day’s stresses.

The Science Behind The Glow!

We can thank light refraction for the beautiful effect a moon garden provides. The white blooms with varying translucency create the perfect medium for this simple but magnificent reaction to occur. Light refraction differs from reflection in regards to the way the light actually passes through the medium vs bounces back off of it. The light passing through the blooms and refracting out is what gives us this amazing luminous glowing effect in a moon garden! With added silver-grey foliage you can create a mix of refraction and reflection in the garden making for an amazing combo of dazzling and glowing effects.

Planning Your Moon Garden:

Whether it's one plant or an elaborate design with hundreds installing a moon garden on your property is a simple and rewarding project that can provide some great benefits. Although we have already taken the time to create our moon garden plants collection for your convenience (Click Here To View Our Moon Garden Plants Collection), here are some tips for planning and choosing plants for your moon garden. We like to say that no moon garden is complete with out the queen of moon gardens herself  'Casa Blanca Lily'! These charming beauties are the staple to any moon garden with their large white vanilla scented tropical looking flowers which you can watch magically opening at night right before your eyes! Make sure to choose white blooming, and/or silver foliage plants with beautiful fragrance wherever possible. Include a variety of heights and textures to fill the front and back of the garden bed accordingly. We recommend using 1 or more dwarf trees or shrubs for center pieces/ anchor points, with some taller structured perennials to compliment and finally some low growing perennials or ground cover to fill in any gaps. For the smallest of moon gardens simple is better. Pick 2 or three of your favorites and tuck them in a corner by your patio. Place by a window for even more use and enjoyment. Even if your limited to an apartment balcony or patio with no garden space, a containerized moon garden will have the same luminous effect as an in ground one. Be sure that you plan bloom times in a fashion that will allow you to take it all in, at a time or season your likely to enjoy it most in. Also be sure to pay attention to hardiness zones and sun exposures information included on the product page of each plant so you know your planning the right varieties for your project. For some people planning for more bloom action in spring or fall makes sense if they are not present to enjoy it as much in the summer. You can easily achieve the bloom times your looking for by visiting our expertly compiled collection of moon garden plants with detailed descriptions including bloom times and more (Click Here To View Our Moon Garden Plants Collection). Personally we like to plan moon gardens to be at their prime and ready for maximum enjoyment through the warm summer months. You can see the perfect Moon Garden Starter Packages For Zone 3+ and Zone 5+ we have created for summer enjoyment, as well as our top 10 favorite moon garden plants down the blog. And their on sale! (30% discount on our Moon Garden Plants Collection including starter packages automatically applied unless already tagged marked at a greater discount for a limited time.) Warmer evenings allow for more relaxed enjoyment without having to worry about cold temps spoiling the moment. The blooms are also in their best aesthetic state at this time when night temps are extremely mild. In the heat of summer it is also a time when gardeners have less planting to do and more time to revel in their garden creations from spring. However you plan your moon garden, its sure to lend a truly tranquil vibe to your landscape that you will delight in! Now let the moon and starlight do the rest for you!

Our Moon Garden Starter Packages:

Our Top 10 Favorite Moon Garden Plants:

These plants have been designated as our Top 10 Moon Garden Plants as they hold large, long blooming and scented white flowers, include a mix of silver foliage as well as varied textures and heights. Our top 10 moon garden plants represent a great mix of anchor plants, with structural and mat forming Perennials to tie things together.


No matter your landscape situation you can easily and effectively install a fabulous moon garden! This is no doubt a unique but totally awesome way to enjoy flowers in your landscape. Beautiful in day time, but watch it really shine when the stars and moon come out to play. Let a moon garden quickly provide the perfect setting for creating tranquil moments you will cherish for a lifetime!

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