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Please refer to the shipping and pick up informational pages on the website for details on shipping and pick up orders.

General Inquires-
(New Orders, Product Information etc.)
Customer Care-
(Partially Unfulfilled, Unfulfilled, Lost in Transit and Damaged Orders)
Please note, at our company, we believe that providing the best possible customer service is crucial to our success. That's why we have made the decision to strictly provide customer service through email. We understand that some customers may prefer to communicate via phone, but we have found that email support offers several benefits over traditional phone support. For example, it allows customers to receive assistance at their convenience, without the need for scheduling a call or waiting on hold. This means that you can reach out to us whenever you have a question or concern, and we will respond as quickly as possible. In addition, email support provides a written record of the conversation, making it easier for both you and our support team to track and manage issues. You can refer back to previous discussions and we can ensure that we are addressing all of your concerns in a timely manner. We also understand that multitasking is important to our customers, and email support allows you to continue with other tasks while waiting for a response from our team. This can help improve productivity and reduce frustration. Finally, we have found that email support can help reduce miscommunication between customers and support agents, as customers have time to compose a detailed message and support agents can take the time to review and respond thoughtfully. This can help avoid frustration and misunderstandings. Overall, we believe that providing customer service through email is the best way to ensure that we are meeting your needs and providing the highest level of support possible. We are committed to responding to your inquiries as quickly as possible and providing the assistance you need to succeed.