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'Paeonia'  "Henry Bockstoce" Heirloom Specialty Peony

'Paeonia' "Henry Bockstoce" Heirloom Specialty Peony

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Botanical Name Paeonia hybrid 'Henry Bockstoce'
Mature Height 3-4 Feet
Mature Width 2-3 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun - Partial Shade
Hardiness Zone Zones 3-8
Tolerance Deer, Rabbit
Attracts Pollinators



ℹ THESE PEONIES WILL MAKE YOUR GRAMMA PROUD! Meet the extraordinary "Henry Bockstoce" Heirloom Specialty Peony! A rare gem that boasts massive, fully double, deep red blooms. Bred in 1955 by Bockstoce in the USA, this peony has proudly held its reign as the best fully double, large, deep red, old-fashioned style peony for nearly 70 years! With blooms spanning over half a foot wide, it's regarded as a true botanical masterpiece. This peony is not just a visual delight, it's a hybrid between paeonia lactiflora and paeonia officinalis, showcasing a special and unique lineage. Our mature specimen grade plants are ready to provide a full and stunning show in your landscape! Sturdy stems, a fragrance that captivates, and a remarkable cold hardiness down to -45°C make it a resilient beauty. Don't miss the magic! For cut flowers, let the flower buds show their color before cutting to ensure a stunning opening, or simply  leave them on the plant for a jaw dropping display in your landscape. Highly floriferous, the entire plant becomes covered in these breathtaking blooms!