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'Vaccinium'  Koralle Lingonberry

'Vaccinium' Koralle Lingonberry

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Botanical Name Vaccinium vitis-idaea ' Koralle'
Mature Height 1 Foot
Mature Width 2 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun to Partial Shade
Hardiness Zone Zones 2-7
Tolerance Drought, Poor Soil
Attracts Pollinators


    ℹFavored all over the world for their aesthetic appeal. Koralle Lingonberry was developed in Germany and first released in Holland it has delectable and sweet, yet tart tasting berries. Often described as the Cranberry’s sweeter and juicier cousin, with a taste that is similar to raspberries and cranberries with an irresistible sour zing! In other countries Lingonberries greatly outweigh the use of cranberries during traditional holiday meals.

They’re extremely popular to use in jams, muffins and scones because people can’t get enough of their unique berry flavour. By snacking on them fresh or adding them to cereal or yogurt you’ll be adding an irresistible sweet and sour berry flavour to your favorite recipes, as well as tons of all that good stuff that is packed into each berry!
You will never run out of Koralle Lingonberries because they have 2 harvests, one in midsummer and one in early fall. Simply step outside and pick the vibrant red berries from your attractive ground cover plant! Ice, poor soil, droughts and cold can't stop the tough and low maintenance lingonberry from pumping out beauty and fruit! It will grow almost anywhere in the country. Their dark glossy leaves serve as a lush backdrop for brightly coloured flowers to pop against. White and pink bell shaped flowers in spring. Once you see the beautiful flowers you will be filled with awe from their beauty, and excitement because soon bright red berries will be on their way.