Fall Planting Info

If you are newer to the gardening world you may think that spring is when plants need to go in the ground, but experts and experienced gardeners alike know that planting isn't just a spring activity! If you're wondering what you can plant in the late summer through fall, the answer is almost anything, and it is our favorite time to plant with success rates rivaling that of spring plantings! Perennials, shade and fruit trees, ornamental and edible shrubs and much more can all be most effectively planted in the fall. Fall has distinct planting benefits. Autumn's cooler air temperatures are much easier on both plants and gardeners, resulting in less symptoms of transplant shock. Pests and Disease are less of a problem and the plants dont require fertilizer or as much water as other seasons when it is supporting new foliage growth. The plants still put energy into root production until mid winter or when the ground freezes 12 inches or deeper. Fall planting will also give the plants a head start for the next year, and allow the roots to get started before you would be able to work the ground in spring. Why is the industry so geared around spring you may ask? Simply put most nurseries and garden centers don't want to risk bringing in stock that they may not sell that year and be out the cost of that inventory until the next season. That being said, with extensive experience doing successful fall plantings for cities, municipalities and developments (let us let you in on a little secret, they plant at this time for good reason) we are glad to provide an extensive inventory all the way through the year for our customers.
If our expert opinion is not enough, our word is backed by a full one year warranty from the time of purchase. As other outfits are slowing down we are just ramping up for another huge season of planting! Going forward you may have noticed we do some things quite differently than your average nursery. We strive to be on the cutting edge of today's nursery and gardening industry, constantly working to improve and update the experience to be the most enjoyable and user friendly for our customers. We look forward to growing with you!