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'Actinidia' Issai Hardy Kiwi Vine

'Actinidia' Issai Hardy Kiwi Vine

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Botanical Name Actinidia Arguta 'Issai'
Mature Height 12-15 Feet 
Mature Width 8-10 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun to Partial Shade
Hardiness Zone Zones 3-8
Tolerance Cold, Heat, Humidity, Disease
Attracts Pollinators 


ℹ Grown for its delicious and edible cold hardy fruit, Actinidia arguta Issai (Hardy Kiwi Vine) is a compact, deciduous climber that produces a smooth and fuzzless green-skinned kiwi in late September. While they are smaller than the fuzzy grocery store varieties, they make up for it with absolutely exceptional and delicious flavor. Even better, this kiwi cultivar is fully self-pollinating and does not require a companion to produce fruit! Aside from delicious fruits, Issai Kiwi produces an abundance of pleasantly scented flowers born on lush green foliage during early summer that are thoroughly enjoyed by passing pollinators. Fast-growing, this Kiwi Vine requires much less pruning than the regular species due to its well mannered and manageable growth habit. Tolerant of heat, cold, humidity and disease resistant, it is a rewarding plant with fragrant blooms, handsome foliage all summer long, and delicious fruits with no serious pest issues. Try planting Issai Hardy Kiwi this season for a delicious twist in your edible garden!

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