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'Citrus' Star Ruby Patio Grapefruit Tree

'Citrus' Star Ruby Patio Grapefruit Tree

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Botanical Name Citrus paridisi 'Star Ruby'
Mature Height

Prune To Size

Mature Width Prune To Size 
Light Requirement Full Sun
Winter Care Move Indoors
Tolerance N/A
Attracts Pollinators


ℹ Relish in the succulent citrus of the Star Ruby Patio Grapefruit Tree, fast gaining popularity as a fuss free patio citrus tree easily grown in a pot and moved indoors for winter! The Star Ruby Patio Grapefruit Tree produces grapefruits which are renowned for their striking appearance and exceptional flavor! They boast a deep ruby red flesh that is juicy, sweet, and tangy, with a perfect balance of flavors. With the darkest and sweetest flesh of the red grapefruits, their smooth bright skins are easy to peel, revealing succulent segments bursting with citrus goodness! With each bite, you'll experience a burst of refreshing flavor that makes Star Ruby grapefruits a true delight for the senses. The stand out flavor and vibrant color of its fruits make the Star Ruby Patio grapefruit tree a top choice for those seeking an exquisite and fuss free citrus indulgence! To successfully cultivate this botanical rarity in Canada, they are easily grown in pots, which are moved indoors before frost and placed outdoors during the growing season on a sun drenched patio, balcony or deck. Adequate sunlight, well draining soil, and proper fertilization will ensure you get to reap a continued successful harvest. Harvesting time for grapefruits is fairly flexible. Grapefruits harvested early will have a higher acid content compared to ones that are allowed to ripen longer on the tree. The bright yellow/orange color combined with a nice weight, shiny skin and fragrant grapefruit smell of the fruit is the best indicator for harvest. With 2 main flushes of blooms in spring and fall as well as varying ripening times for each fruit this tree typically produces fruit year round, with peak fruiting occurring during the warmer months, allowing staggered picking through out the year. Note: the exact fruiting pattern may vary based on growing conditions and care.