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'Malus' Hat Trick Espalier Apple Tree

'Malus' Hat Trick Espalier Apple Tree

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Botanical Name Malus 'Hat Trick'
Mature Height 5 Feet
Mature Width 16-18 Feet 
Light Requirement Full Sun 
Hardiness Zone Zones 4-7
Tolerance N/A
Attracts N/A


Have you ever thought that you would love to grow fruit? But assumed you didn't have the required space? Or that it would take to much real estate in your yard? We have a solution for you! "Espalier" comes from the Italian word that means "something to rest the shoulder against." It's an appropriate term because all forms of espalier are similar in that the trees are trained and grown in a flat, two dimensional plane, often against a wall or structure. This apple tree will produce Honeycrisp on the bottom, Sweet Sixteen in the middle and Zestar!® apples on top. Self pollinating.

Honeycrisp: Outstanding fresh-eating qualities make this variety a Canadian favorite. Fruit is aromatic and sweet as honey with an explosively juicy, crisp texture.  Large size, red/yellow apple. Excellent for fresh eating, cooking or juicing. Stores up to 6 months. Ripens late September. 

Sweet Sixteen: Unique and addictive taste with a blend of spice, sweet, vanilla and cherry flavors, it is really a must-taste! This crisp and juicy medium-sized apple is yellow in colour with red stripes resembles the MacIntosh apples but is noted to be sweeter tasting. The fruit can be eaten fresh or used in a variety of apple recipes, such as cider, juice, pies, or applesauce. The fruit matures over a three week period in October, and will keep for about 2 months in a cool room or refrigerated.

 Zestar!®:  The apple tastes sweet and tangy, with accents of brown sugar, and is known for its unique flavor.  This medium sizes red to yellow apple is best used for fresh eating, and for use in a variety of baked goods, sauces, desserts, and salads. Fruit ripen in late August to early September.  Maintain their great taste and crunch for 2 months in refrigeration.