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'Prunus' 3 Way Combination Cherry Tree

'Prunus' 3 Way Combination Cherry Tree

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Botanical Name  Prunus Avium Multi-Graft
Mature Height 15 Feet
Mature Width 8 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun to Partial Shade
Hardiness Zone Zones 5-9
Tolerance N/A
Attracts Pollinators


ℹThree times the Splendor in One Magnificent Tree! Why settle for one type of cherry tree when you can have three mouth-watering varieties (the Bing, Rainier, Van, Royal Ann, Stella or Sweetheart) all in one tree? Space-saving and cost-effective, the 3-in-1 Cherry Tree is cultivated by grafting three different sweet cherry varieties into one gorgeous blooming fruit tree. No home orchard should be without this beauty. These 3-in-1 Cherry Trees are truly a glorious sight when bright white to blushing crimson flowers bloom in early spring. They are fragrant and lend a magnificent splendor to the landscape. This tree is a vigorous grower, thrives in partial to full sun, and appreciates well-drained soil. Most cherry trees require that you buy more than one tree for cross pollination to produce fruit. However, the clever 3-in-1 Cherry Tree saves you money and space because it benefits from having three distinct types of cherries already present in one tree--so this unconventional darling is a self-pollinator. What a brilliant way to save yourself a few dollars! Your 3-in-1 Cherry Tree is hardy and robust. At a mature height of 15 feet, this tree will fit nicely in most any size yard. With the gorgeous shades of purple, red and orange, your cherries will be the buzz of the neighborhood for sure! This is one of our most popular fruit trees and always goes fast so make sure to pre order asap to avoid disappointment.

Note: We can't guarantee the exact three varieties, but these are some of our favorites so we know you'll be happy. All varieties are tagged on the tree.

Bing: Top quality, large juicy and sweet black cherry. Mid-season. 

Rainier: Yellow skin, pink blush, ripens before Bing. Larger than Royal Ann, good pollinizer. Mid-season.

Van: Black shiny fruit, firmer and slightly smaller than Bing and ripens about the same time. Heavy bearing variety Mid-season.

Royal Ann: Light yellow fruit with pink blush, tender, crisp, sprightly flavor. Mid-season.

Stella: Exceptionally firm and sweet red fruit. Mid-season.

Sweetheart: Sweet bright red cherry, ripens late July.