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'Prunus' Beauty Dwarf Plum Tree

'Prunus' Beauty Dwarf Plum Tree

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Botanical Name Prunus salicina 'Beauty'
Mature Height 10-12 Feet
Mature Width 8 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun to Partial Shade
Hardiness Zone Zones 5-9
Tolerance N/A



ℹ One of the earliest ripening plums available The beauty plum is a visual marvel, its outer layer adorned in a captivating shade of crimson red. Upon closer inspection, the skin unveils a subtle sheen, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance. As you slice through, the knife meets a velvety resistance, revealing a breathtaking interior of radiant, sunlit amber. The flesh, succulent and tender, glistens as if kissed by the warmth of a perpetual summer. Each bite is a harmonious dance of sweetness and juiciness, leaving a lasting impression on the palate. Whether you crave a fresh burst or a culinary masterpiece, these plums excel in fresh eating, baking, preserves, sauces, and endless possibilities! Plum trees aren't just about tasty fruit – they're pollinator magnets! From the charming blossoms of spring to the colorful foliage of fall, these trees attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The intricate dance of pollinators ensures a fruitful harvest and contributes to the ecological balance. So, next time you bite into a juicy plum, thank the tiny pollinators that made it possible! Cross pollinate with a different variety of Japanese Plum, like the Shiro or Satsuma Plum.