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'Prunus' Compass Cherry Plum Tree (Chum)

'Prunus' Compass Cherry Plum Tree (Chum)

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Botanical Name Prunus besseyi x Prunus hortulana 'Compass'
Mature Height 8 Feet
Mature Width 5 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun to Partial Shade
Hardiness Zone Zones 3-8
Tolerance N/A



ℹ The compass cherry plum, affectionately known as the chum, is a delight for the eyes with its enchanting mix of colors. The outer skin showcases a playful palette ranging from soft pink to vibrant red, resembling a watercolor masterpiece. Take a bite and reveal an inner treasure of juicy, succulent flesh in hues of red and gold. The interplay of colors within the fruit creates a mesmerizing visual symphony, inviting you to savor a sweet and refreshing melody with each bite. Cherry plums, fondly known as chums, embody nature's miniature marvels. With their vibrant and diverse hues, these petite fruits pack a punch of flavor that dances between sweet and tart. Each bite is a delightful burst of awesomeness, making cherry plums a small but powerful treat for the taste buds. From fresh bites to baking wonders, these plums elevate your kitchen creations with their versatility in preserves, sauces, and more. Step into the enchanting world of plum tree blossoms – a canvas painted by Mother Nature herself. These dainty flowers, resembling delicate brushstrokes, create a visual masterpiece in orchards. Beyond their aesthetic charm, these blooms beckon bees and butterflies, orchestrating a pollination dance that sets the stage for a fruitful harvest. As autumn unfurls its vibrant palette, plum trees take center stage with a spectacular display. The leaves transition from verdant green to warm shades of burgundy and gold, creating a crown of colors. Requires a second tree of a different variety that has the same bloom time to cross pollinate. Like the Waneta, Satauma or Beauty plum trees.