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'Prunus' European Plum Medley Tree

'Prunus' European Plum Medley Tree

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Botanical Name Prunus Domestica 'Multi Graft'
Mature Height 12-15 Feet
Mature Width 8 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun
Hardiness Zone Zones 5-9
Tolerance N/A
Attracts Polliantors


Imagine having not 1 but 3 delicious European plum varieties growing on one tree, a specialty tree for any yard. Pollination happen all on this one tree rather than having multiple trees. This space and money saving tree is a must have. 

Stanley: Large purplish black fruit with yellow golden flesh. Very sweet and juicy, great for fresh eating, canning or drying. Ripens in August  

Yellow Egg: Large oval, bright yellow skin with yellow flesh. Fresh eating qualities when allowed to fully ripen or use in pies, tarts, and various savory recipes. Ripens Early September.

Brooks: Very large and sweet, dark purple plum is great for fresh eating, preserves, canning and drying. Stores well. Early Italian plum variety, larger and sweeter than Italian. Ripens one week earlier than Italian. 

Italian: Medium size, very sweet and dark purple-black fruit stores very well after being picked. Ripens in August.

Seneca:  Large yellow, free-stone fleshed fruit with blueish red skin. Very sweet to taste when picked in the first week of September used for fresh eating or preserved. Crack and brown rot resistant plum. Ripens in September.

Green Gage: Medium greenish yellow with amber flesh.  Juicy, firm and tender, oval fruit very sweet and richly flavorful. Great for fresh eating, baking, preserves, cooking and canning. Ripens in August

 Note: We can't guarantee the exact three varieties, but these are some of our favorites so we know you'll be happy. All varieties are tagged on the tree.