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'Prunus' Fruit Cocktail Tree

'Prunus' Fruit Cocktail Tree

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Botanical Name  Prunus 'Multi-Graft'
Mature Height Variable 
Mature Width Variable
Light Requirement Full Sun 
Hardiness Zone Zones 5-9
Tolerance N/A
Attracts Pollinators                      


ℹ The clever 4-in-1 Fruit Cocktail Tree has four delicious fruits grafted onto one tree. This variety offers Frost Peach, Hardy Red Nectarine, Puget Gold Apricot, Italian Plum, Sweetheart or Lapin Cherry on one tree. All self pollinating varieties that will produce fruit on this unique and sought-after tree. All varieties are tagged on the tree.

Frost Peach: Leaf curl resistant. Medium to large fruit, yellow flesh, freestone, good quality producer. Mid August.

Hardy Red Nectarine: New promising variety for the Northwest. Red skinned with golden blush, yellow flesh. Ripens mid August. Excellent flavor.

Puget Gold Apricot:
 Medium size firm sweet flesh, with a classic apricot taste. Ripens in mid-August. Will store for weeks, very good fresh eaten, in preserves or canning/dried.  

Italian Plum: Medium, blue-black sweet fruit. Outstanding when eaten fresh, canned or dried. Late-Mid season.
Lapin Cherry: Deep ruby red, very sweet with no tartness, excellent for fresh eating, jams, baking, juicing and dried. Ripens mid summer, 2 weeks after Bing.

Sweetheart Cherry: Super-sweet mildly tart, bright red cherry, ripens late July. Eat fresh of the tree or ideal for preserves and baked goods.