'Pyrus' 4 Way Combination Cold Hardy Pear Tree

'Pyrus' 4 Way Combination Cold Hardy Pear Tree

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Botanical Name Pyrus ussuriensis Multi-Graft
Mature Height 15 Feet
Mature Width 8 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun 
Hardiness Zone Zones 4-9
Tolerance N/A
Attracts Pollinators

  Our 4 way combo cold hardy pear trees include 4 of the following pears Comice, Golden Spice, Summer Crisp, Flemish Beauty and Ure on one tree. This fully self pollinating, hardy tree will provide all the pears you need for fresh eating, cooking, and preserves. 

Comice: Large, sweet, and very juicy greenish yellow fruit. Best when stored 1-2 months. 

Golden Spice: Firm, juicy yellow with red blush fruit ripens in mid-September good for canning and preserves. 

Summer Crisp: Sweet and crisp pear. Harvest in mid August before this green pear with a red blush turns yellow. Eat or refrigerate immediately after harvest, stores up to 2 months with refrigeration.

Flemish Beauty: Firm and Juicy medium to large, yellow with red blush excellent fresh eating and great for canning or drying.

Ure: Large very showy flowers in spring followed by small greenish fruit used in jams and preserves. Ripens in mid August.

Note: We can't guarantee the exact four varieties, but these are some of our favorites so we know you'll be happy. All varieties are tagged on the tree.