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'Quercus' QuickScape Minis Bur Oak Tree

'Quercus' QuickScape Minis Bur Oak Tree

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Botanical Name Quercus macrocarpa
Mature Height 50-60 Feet
Mature Width 40-45 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun 
Hardiness Zone Zones 2-9
Tolerance Rabbits, Drought 
Attracts N/A 

Our QuickScape Minis Tree line offers highly cost-effective tree solutions suitable for a diverse range of landscape applications! With rapid growth rates, easy planting, and convenient shipping, our QuickScape Minis line of trees are guaranteed to fast-track your landscaping projects! Let these mini but mighty landscape champions establish rapid roots in your tree planting projects! Limited Quantities Available.

ℹ The Bur Oak Tree (Quercus macrocarpa) boasts numerous positive attributes, including its remarkable longevity, providing shade with its wide-spreading canopy, serving as a habitat for wildlife due to its large size and durable acorns, displaying resilience to drought once established, adapting well to various soil types and showing resistance to pests and diseases. With their aesthetic appeal through massive size, distinctive bark, and attractive foliage, Bur Oaks enhance landscapes as ornamental trees while contributing to carbon sequestration and serving as effective erosion control with their deep roots. Furthermore, they hold cultural significance in indigenous traditions, revered for their strength and resilience.