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'Tilia' QuickScape Minis Silver Linden Tree

'Tilia' QuickScape Minis Silver Linden Tree

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Botanical Name Tilia tomentosa 
Mature Height 50-60 Feet
Mature Width 35-40 Feet
Light Requirement Full Sun to Partial Shade
Hardiness Zone Zones 3-7
Tolerance Drought
Attracts Pollinators, Birds


Our QuickScape Minis Tree line offers highly cost-effective tree solutions suitable for a diverse range of landscape applications! With rapid growth rates, easy planting, and convenient shipping, our QuickScape Minis line of trees are guaranteed to fast-track your landscaping projects! Let these mini but mighty landscape champions establish rapid roots in your tree planting projects! Limited Quantities Available.

 ℹ The silver linden tree (Tilia tomentosa) is cherished for its ornamental appeal, boasting heart-shaped leaves with shimmering silver undersides that add visual interest to landscapes. Its fragrant, pale yellow flowers in summer not only enhance its charm but also attract bees and other pollinators, fostering biodiversity. With a dense, spreading canopy, silver linden trees provide ample shade, making them perfect for parks, gardens, and streetscapes, offering relief from summer heat. Adaptable to various soil types and urban conditions, including pollution and compacted soil, they are favored for their resilience and suitability for urban planting. Furthermore, they support wildlife by providing food for birds and small mammals with their fruits. Once established, silver linden trees are low maintenance, requiring minimal pruning and care, making them a desirable choice for landscaping and urban greening projects.